Cellular Membrane Remodeling

Cells are continually severing, fusing, and reshaping their membranes. One of the essential cellular membrane remodeling systems is the ESCRT (Endosomal Sorting Complexes Required for Transport) pathway, whose cellular functions include endosomal membrane remodeling, membrane repair, enveloped virus budding, closure of the nuclear envelope, and cytokinetic abscission. Continue reading → Cellular Membrane Remodeling

Research Statement

The Sundquist lab studies the cellular, molecular and structural biology of retroviruses, particularly HIV, and the roles of the ESCRT pathway in cell division and the abscission checkpoint. Major projects in our lab include studies of:

1) ESCRT pathway functions and regulation in cell division and cancer

2) HIV budding

3) HIV capsid structure, function and restriction, particularly by the TRIM5α system

4) Designed enveloped protein nanoparticles

Our approaches include NMR, EM, crystallographic and computational studies of viral complexes, identification and biochemical analyses of the interactions between viral components and their cellular partners, and genetic analyses of viral and cellular protein functions.