Neural and Cardiac Responses to Hypoglycemia

The laboratories of Simon Fisher, MD, Owen Chan, PhD, and Candace Reno, PhD, demonstrated that brain glucose sensing was impaired in rats with recurrent hypoglycemia as a result of defective glucose and lactate metabolism within the neurons and astrocytes in the hypothalamus. The resultant abnormal release of neurotransmitters—such as GABA, glutamate and dopamine—led to inadequate activation of hormonal responses to hypoglycemia. Continue reading → Neural and Cardiac Responses to Hypoglycemia

Research Statement

My research investigates the pathophysiology and treatment of diabetes and it complications. More specifically we study insulin action, tissue specific cross-talk, complications of diabetes, and hormonal counterregulation.

Interdisciplinary Research Environment:

Our laboratory provides a rich interactive and interdisciplinary research environment for fostering the scientific development of the postdoctoral fellows, clinical fellows, MSTP students, PhD students, and undergraduate medical students who wish to pursue scientific careers dedicated to diabetes research.

Fisher Lab