Chronic Hypoxia Exposure Worsens Depression

University of Utah Health investigator Perry Renshaw, MD, PhD, and colleagues combine epidemiology, animal models, and human neuroimaging to study how impaired brain bioenergetics affect psychiatric disorders. They first reported a link between altitude and suicide in the U.S., a finding since replicated in three other continents. Continue reading → Chronic Hypoxia Exposure Worsens Depression

Research Statement

My research focuses on three areas: 1) Neuroimaging and treatment studies of U.S. Military Veterans with Suicidal Ideation and/or Bipolar Disorder; 2) Translational clinical trials of natural treatments for children and adolescents with Bipolar Disorder or Major Depression; 3) Epidemiologic studies of the effect of altitude, on regional rates of psychiatric and substance use disorders in the United States.