Biological Consequences of Reduced Energy Flux and Inefficient Energy Generation

Alterations in the mitochondrial phospholipid underlie changes in mitochondrial efficiency that precede diabetes and liver and heart disease.

Energy transfer processes are never perfectly efficient. Funai and colleagues have discovered that the degree of inefficiency in cellular energy exchange, particularly during oxidative phosphorylation, has important biological implications. They found that decreased mitochondrial energy flux, such as that occurring with obesity or sedentary behavior, remodels the lipid composition of the mitochondrial inner membrane. Such aberrant changes are sufficient to decrease the efficiency of oxidative phosphorylation and promote respiratory failure in diaphragm muscle, fibrosis in the liver, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in the heart, and defective thermogenesis in the adipose tissues. These studies suggest potential therapies for improving tissue energetics to treat diabetes and heart disease.


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